Music in our schools

I recently participated in a visiting musician day at my daughters school for her music class.  Even though my participation only lasted about 15/20 minutes, it was very inspirational.  What a thrill to see these young kids turned on by someone sharing music with them.  Brought in two guitars, both tuned differently, and we talked about sound & different styles/ways of playing.  Kids were very interested, had lots of questions, then played one of my instrumentals for them (Awakening) which is in open D tuning.  We then talked a bit about Woody Guthrie and say together his well worn classic "This Land is Your Land".  So to get to my point here; on the ride home I started thinking about what a shame it is that in this age of what seems to be endless public education budget cuts the music department is almost always the first to feel the knife.  Those kids where all listening & soaking in every note. 

Imagine a world without music in our lives.  No birdsong, no rush and hum/whistle of wind, no notes on the breeze, complete and utter silence.  Remember, the human voice is also an instrument so there would be silence.  Music soothes and creates harmony (no pun intended) where there is chaos.  Without music in our lives there would be only chaos, a world of black & white, totally void of color.  Just something to ponder.

Just finished recording a new song called "Train in the Distance" with my good friend Bob Manger on drums.  Hope to have it up on ReverbNation and Radio Airplay pretty soon.

Keep your ears to the wind!


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