Going Places

      Took a road trip recently down south to pick up some of my sons stuff to bring home from school.  All by my lonesome, which was kind of cool because I got to listen to my choice of music the whole way down and back.  It was amazing!  Put the old ipod on shuffle and let it ride.  With todays ipod technology it's kind of like having your own personalized radio station, but better.  The dj doesn't play any crappy songs and theres no commercials to surf through, so you can just sit back, drive & listen.  What's really cool is when the little alien creachers that live inside your ipod really start to groove and pick all those old tunes that you haven't heard in awhile, one after another.  You know the songs I'm talking about, those tunes from your past that as soon as you hear the first few bars of they take you back in time to the instant the memory was created.

     I've got several of them;  dancing with my wife at our wedding to Genesis  "Follow You, Follow Me",  falling asleep in college with Pat Metheny's "It's For You" playing in the background.  Anytime I hear an old Kiss song like "Rock n' Roll all Nite" or Aerosmith's "Toys in the Attic" I'm brought right back to high school.  Joe Walsh's slippery slide playing on "Rocky Mountain Way" or XTC's kenetic yet melodic pop from the 80's.  Music marks the time in our lives, saves it to our hard-drives so to speak.  We hear that particular song and we're brought back to the home page.

So as I'm sitting here writing this mindless babble, music is once again playing in the background providing me with the soundtrack for the moment.  Oh well........enough said.


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