Been Awhile.....what we've been up to

Been a long time since I wrote anything in here, but we've been pretty busy lately.  When I say we, I've had the privilage of having Bobby Manger playing with me recently on percussion (set, djembe, various percussion).  We've played several gigs together throughout the summer culminating with a gig at Bereduce Vineyards this past weekend (8/10/14).  It was great!  Really nice atmosphere, played outside,responsive crowd.  Hope to get back there this fall/winter.

Plan this winter is to get into the studio and get some of these new songs that we've been playing all summer down on tape for a new cd release sometime in the coming year.  Got lots of new material and still enjoying a pretty prolific writing period.  The muses are with me I guess, at lest at the moment!

For those of you who check out the website, thank you for take the time.  For those of you who caught us somewhere this summer, thanks for comin and lending your ears to my music.  Hope to do more with this website in the coming months so keep checkin back!

Talk to you soon!


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