Ok, so it's been a little over a year since I last posted anything here.  Been working on a new cd since the end of March.  Working with the very talented Mike Lozinski behind the mixing board at Windmill Studios in Stockton, NJ.  Going pretty well, and looking forward to a release hopefully by Christmas.  Have the basic tracks recorded to 11 songs and now am spending my time filling in the "empty spaces".  Of course working with Bob Manger on drums and assorted percussion parts.  Have done all the acoustic guitar, bass, and vocal parts myself (so far).  Other then the long drawn out recording process, (don't get me wrong, it's also lots of fun), Bob & I have been doing quite a few live gigs throughout the summer. Been a part of a local music festival (Clinton Come Together Friday Nights Music Festival), which has had us playing about every two weeks in Clinton.  Lots of positive vibes!

Right now, my aim is on getting the cd finished and out there by Christmas so i can get it on itunes, available through my website and on cdbaby.com

Keep the music playing!

See ya,


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